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Glass-like, non-adsorbing, ultra-low-leaching infusion bag for premixed drugs
MediTect™ IV bag

Primary containers designed to prevent all interaction with drug contents

ZACROS is capable of creating differentiated, novel containers to set your product apart from the rest.

We offer a variety of packaging systems for injectable medicines to:
             -  reduce burden of medical workers
             -  enable emergency administration
             -  protect from exposure to hazardous chemicals
             -  prevent medical malpractice
             -  ensure the cleanliness of drugs administered to patients

Our MediTect™ brand has been created specifically for sensitive liquid parenteral formulations. It offers a variety of material options and properties, making it ideal for premixed bags. We can also provide related accessory products, such as closures and overwraps.

MediTect™ IV bags


Containing proprietary cyclic olefin polymer technology, MediTect™ products combine an unparalleled level of chemical compatibility and sorption resistance with an ultra-low extractables profile.
These properties provide product integrity and help maximize the shelf life for the most demanding applications.

1:Ultra-low interaction

Ultra-low sorption and leachables

2:Safe materials

Non-PVC and DEHP free

3:Alternative to rigid containers

Highly flexible bag which maintains glass-like performance

4:Multiple sterilization methods

Gamma, e-beam, and even terminal sterilization assuming PIC/S GMP overkill methodology

glass-like IV bags
glass-like IV bags

Our MediTect™ brand

MediTect™ packaging is dedicated to maintain sensitive liquid pharmaceuticals in their original state from formulation to administration

Our MediTect™ brand
  • Value-added innovation
    • Creating unprecedented functionality in flexible plastics
    • Improving safety and ease-of-use for pharma companies, medical workers, and patients
  • Customer-focused approach
    • Controlling the manufacturing process from start to finish to create truly differentiated packaging
    • Utilizing our core competencies to add functionality and barrier properties to accommodate your requirements
  • Holistic support
    • Introducing CMO who can work with our MediTect™ series
    • Performing stability tests
    • Offering support for regulatory work
We can provide you with prototypes for testing with quick turnaround.

Bag options and properties 

Below are information about our standard bag options.
Customization is available upon request, to suit the needs of your project (drug content, sterilization method, shelf-life, etc.).

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  NI-PE (inner NI) NI-PE (inter NI) NI-PP (inner NI) NI-PP (inter NI)
Fill volumes  50-100ml  50-200ml  50-100ml  50-200ml
On-bag printing Yes Yes Yes Yes
MVTR (g/m²/day) 1.1  1.5 1.1 1.5
Heat resistance up to 118℃ up to 118℃ 121℃ compatible  121℃ compatible
Based on ZACROS internal study

Why premixed bags?

A novel container for ready-to-use injectables

Unlike conventional plastic containers, NI film offers low-sorption, low-elution properties which preserve the drug solution from filling to administration. This ZACROS original design provides glass-like stability for active pharmaceuticals.



Premixed drugs are essentially a closed system, which mitigates risk of exposing medical workers and patients to harmful chemicals.

Error Prevention

Error Prevention

Preparation for injectables requires a significant amount of work and accuracy, so there is a risk of human error. Premixed bags virtually eliminate this risk as a grab-and-go solution.



Reconstitution time for injectables can take an average of 5 minutes whereas preparing a premixed bag takes a fraction of that time. 

Every second counts: premixed bags save lives!

By eliminating the mixing process of conventional vials and ampoules, we enable prompt drug administration.

Every second counts
Every second counts

MediTect™ preparation demo

Accessory products

One-touch Caps

A solution for aseptically filled products

Our standard IV bag closures require an ultrasonic welder. These one-touch caps, however, require no extra capital investment.


  • Close and finish with the push of a finger
  • Easy Container Closure Integrity (CCI)
  • Zero particle generation, which prevents contamination of clean rooms
  • Patent and design licenses acquired
  • By design, caps cannot reseal, which acts as tampering prevention
One-touch Caps

Secondary packaging

Overwraps are an economic way to add barrier properties to primary packaging as desired.
Pouches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be made with various materials of construction (VM-PET, aluminium, etc.).

Secondary packaging

Want to learn more?

ZACROS gives practical advice for customization options